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Mesquite Traffic Ticket Lawyer

Were You Issued A City of Mesquite Traffic Citation?

If so, we can help! Berlof & Newton, P.C. has been representing clients in Mesquite on traffic tickets for over a decade. We understand the law, and can put it to work for you. Whether you’ve been charged with speeding, running a red light, no insurance, disregard of a traffic control device, or any other City of Mesquite traffic violation, we can help. Is your City of Mesquite ticket past due? Has a warrant for your arrest been issued. No problem! We can post an attorney bond on your behalf and immediately lift the warrant. We also handle all other “class C” misdemeanor violations in the City of Mesquite , such as public intoxication, theft under $50, and possession of drug paraphernalia, as well as ordinance violations and violations of the Mesquite City Code. Call today! 214.699.7975. We’re here to help you.

Great Texas Warrant Roundup

The Great Texas Warrant Round-up of 2014 has started. Over three hundred police departments and other law enforcement agencies from everywhere in Texas are aggressively serving arrest warrants on citizens who haven’t take care of their traffic ticket arrest warrants. If you have a City of Mesquite arrest warrant as the result of an unpaid traffic ticket, a Mesquite Police officer, Dallas County Sheriff, or Mesquite City Marshal may come to your home or office to arrest you. Don’t get arrested in the Great Texas Warrant Round-up of 2014!

Why Hire Berlof & Newton, P.C.?

There are many reasons to retain Berlof & Newton, P.C. to represent you on a traffic ticket case.

Our attorneys can:

Remove Arrest Warrants in the City of Mesquite
Provide Drivers License Protection
Avoid State Surcharge
Prevent your arrest during the 2014 Great Texas Warrant Roundup!
What Does Berlof & Newton, P.C. Do?

Our goal is to keep your traffic ticket from appearing on your driving record.

Oftentimes, our criminal defense traffic ticket lawyers are able to obtain an outright dismissal of your traffic ticket case, in which case you will owe the court nothing. Failing an outright dismissal of your traffic ticket, our Plano traffic ticket attorneys can usually obtain a disposition on your traffic citation that will keep the ticket from affecting your driving record or insurance premiums.

Should you desire a jury trial on your traffic ticket, additional legal fees will apply.

What If an Arrest Warrant Has Been Issued?

If an arrest warrant has been issued because you never requested a court date, or missed a scheduled court date, we can assist you.

If you retain us, we will post an “attorney bond,” which will immediately cause the warrant for your arrest to be recalled, and allow us to set a court date for your case.

However, if the warrant was issued because you previously plead “guilty” or “no contest” (or were found guilty at trial), you have given up your right to appear in court on the ticket, and must pay the fine amount that has been imposed.

Mesquite Traffic Ticket Lawyers

Moving Violations Lead to Annual Surcharges

Don’t Ignore Your Mesquite Traffic Tickets

Every now and then it happens. A normally good driver gets a traffic ticket. Traffic tickets can lead to higher insurance costs, surcharges, and drivers license suspension. We can help.

Traffic tickets are part of life, but they don’t have effect your future. It is important to get the best possible outcome from your traffic citation. Many types of tickets result in points that are assessed against against your drivers license. When enough points accrue, drivers are required to pay an annual surcharge. This is in addition to paying the original ticket(s). How many points assigned are determined by your violation of the law. for more information see the Texas Transportation Code.

Should I Pay My Traffic Ticket Online?

It’s commonly said that “you can’t fight city hall.” Many extend this proverb to fighting traffic tickets. It seems like it is just your word against that of an officer who is paid to represent the city. In addition, it’s tempting to just pay online and be done with it.

Don’t just pay the fine! Paying the fine to the court is the worst action you can possibly take, and can have dire consequences with respect to your ability to drive. Unless you hire a lawyer, you will likely be unaware of these consequences until it’s too late to do anything about them. Berlof & Newton, P. C.’s attorneys each have over fifteen years of experience handling traffic ticket cases. We know the law, and can help keep those traffic tickets from appearing on your driving record.

Whether your ticket was written by a highway patrol officer, or an officer of Plano, Richardson, Allen, Frisco, or any other municipality in the area, contact Berlof and Newton, P.C. for effective, affordable legal representation.